Our FURever FURiends

Our furry friends will be in our hearts for ever.

The names that follow are the pets I was very close to and that I will love for a lifetime:

Rex (male German Shepherd)

Windy (female German Shepherd) 

I grew up with both these Shepherds, a couple that had puppies several times. One ate a neighbor’s rabbit once when the poor thing snuck in. Sad moment as I loved rabbits. He also was scared to death of thunder and lightning and always ran away and we’d go find him blocks away. We miss them greatly!

Gizmo (male Toy Poodle)

Prince (male Toy Poodle)

These two Poodles were fun. They each had a great personality and were smart. I would put a jacket and boots on them to go walk outside due to the snowy Connecticut weather.

Snicker (goldfish)

This goldfish resembled a tennis shoe hence the name. He grew up to almost the size of a baby Koi, he was smart and gave me tiny kisses on my fingers in order to get food. He enjoyed being inside a huge coffee table/aquarium that had full view and lived many years. After the tank was cleaned up he would “rearrange the furniture”.

Reddy (Red-eared turtle)

Rodney (red-eared turtle)

These two turtles were adorable. I’d paint their nails red and let them walk around the house but always returning them to their water environment.

Choo-chi (Rabbit)

Paolo (Rabbit)

S.T. or Flippy (lop ear Rabbit)

These rabbits were so very cute. The first two were a couple when I was growing up and had lots of babies. I do remember the first time she gave birth she was a “bad” mother as she stumped around and killed them all. The next times she was superb. Don’t know why that ever happened, but I do remember trying to nurse a few back to health but they too eventually died. The third one was a rescue but was a wild one. She managed to sneak out of the backyard a few times. That clever girl always returned.

Tiger (gray/black/white tabby)

Roar-y (black/white cat)

Rose (white cat with gold patch on her head)

Pinty (Tiger’s son)

Lia (mix Russian White cat)

All have been rescue cats. Tiger still lives with my ex-husband so I do get to see him occasionally. He always meows loud at everyone. He hissed at baby Pinty so we had to keep him away. Roar-y stayed with us very briefly but will always be in our hearts. He was a terror! Rose, we tried to rescue her but she had been sickly and malnourished from the womb (her mother was a stray) and the only one who survived; her siblings were stillborn. She died in my home from I think was heart complications at five months. She is permanently inked in my heart forever as I had just suffered two great losses in my life and this third one was a final blow. Rose’ mother gave me Pinty four months later, who has grown enormously so my sister calls him Shaquille (after the basketball legend Shaquille O’Neill as he is the largest cat and keeps growing). Lia… we rescued from a very sad situation where she wasn’t wanted. She was full of fleas and had an umbilical hernia which needed surgery. She is a champ and every bit strong.


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