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Why do You Call the Kitty Cat “Lady”?

cat posing cross-legged

Lia posing

Mom, why do you call the cat “lady”? I heard my daughter ask me the other day in her usual teenage voice.

I chuckled as a result.

“I don’t know why! Maybe cause she’s such a lady!” I said, attempting to explain.

Lia really is. She is so dainty and proper.

She walks like she’s a little model, you know, crossing each leg in front of the other as she strides toward you with the most sultry look ever. I swear she thinks she’s a human and royalty somehow.

She’s very regal. Posing usually as she relaxes on the foyer table and crossing her legs when down on rest mode.

Why the cute names?Ā 

I find myself calling my cats all sorts of cutesy names. For Lia its “lady” and some others, like: Sweetie, Little Lady, Mamee, Pretty, Etc.

Don’t worry, Pinty gets his share too!

He gets: baby, handsome, Papi, Pintorelli (his true full name) and a whole variety.

When I go through the house and I don’t see him, I’ll ask in a bit of a sing-song, “where’s… my… baby?!?” or “where’s that handsome boy I love?!?”

LOL yes call me crazy cat lady! Haha!

The look I get in return from my male cat, Pinty, is something between a smirk and a smile. I swear he knows exactly what is being said about him. He then rubs his face against the wall or my leg, whichever is closest. And his tail has a neat curl up top. He’s happy!

I’m always amazed at how much he understands and reacts accordingly. His father was the same way. If I mentioned tuna, as in “Mmmm that’s good tuna!” or “you want some?” He would always perk up and run towards me. He then puts his paw up by the kitchen counter he so wonderfully reaches and often knocks off whatever I have there on the edge šŸ˜¹

So, the same thing with Lia.

She likes to cuddle near me when she is trying to get my attention in bed, mind you, purring loudly! Otherwise she hides inside my wardrobe adding more fallen fur to my clothes.

Nice, I know.

But… If I inquire from downstairs, again in that sing-song type tune, “where’s [pause] that [pause] ladyyyyy?!?” or even something that she is familiar with, like, “Lil Lia, where’s the ball?” I will often hear very soon a loud thump upstairs (her leap on the floor) and then quickly tumbling down the stairs like a marathon runner.

It is the cutest thing in the world.

My kids.

My little lady and my handsome boy are the best. They sure keep us entertained. That is why I adoringly call them all kinds of names (terms of endearment) that only I can give.



Cat perched quite regally

Perched royally


Did I hear tuna?!? Cats know!

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