Stitches are Out!😺

In the previous post we told the story of how our cat, Pinty, got himself into some trouble.

He ate something that just was not meant to be eaten. We all lived through some painful times to get him back to normal.

After ten days of having surgery to remove the object we were able to finally make it to the vet and have his stitches removed.


So happy now that our boy is back to his old self. Eating. Drinking. And best of all: asking for food.

YES!! 😻

Lia is back to playing with him and teasing him.

This was something I never want to go through ever again.
If there was a way to prevent cats from ever chewing on innapriate things I’d love to know. Because from what I saw, he is back to chasing and chewing on random stuff throughout the house.



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