My Kitty Cats

My Kitty Cats

I love my kitty cats. They always make me smile 🙂 with very few exceptions.

I’m a cat lover and generally love all animals. Cannot stand injustice, violence, nor anything harmful towards animals (or much less people!). Join me in my blog where I love writing about topics related to cats, kittens, pets, furry animals, pet lovers, as well as when certain topics are important and make us smile. Don’t worry there will be a few that will make you tear up. That’s life I suppose.

My big boy (he is ginormous) is the oldest: Pinty is his name. He loves boxes, eating at all hours, following Mama (that’s me) everywhere, and in a sense, being pestered by the new sisfur Lia.

kiss kiss

My little rescue kitten, whom we fondly cal Lil’ lady is Lia, is soft, adorable, gentle, loves eating and playing a bit much with my big boy Pinty. His face always says to us “She drives me crazy!” like the song from Fine Young Cannibals, remember that one?

But, oh, they get along so well.

They’re my pride and joy.

Even when they chase each other throughout the house going up and down or knock things over.

Or steal food.

Did I mention they always want food?

  1. So adorable. I love it !!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. They are both adorable! And yes, I remember that song-now it is going to be stuck in my head 🙂


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