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Missing You Dearly



If you were still here

I’d hold you so tight

I’d comfort you tender

I’d tell you that everything

 would be alright


How does it happen? Time seems to have gone so fast when we look back after we’ve lost a special someone in our lives.

Somehow it seems like it just wasn’t long enough. We wonder why, why they’re gone, why they left us behind, why we had to say goodbye. And still we get no answers. No reasons why.

No nothing.

Just silence…

And the memories. Oh, those memories of the good times. We try searching our memory banks for them so desperately. So many come to mind. Some clear some fuzzy, some sad, some happy.

But… Somehow they always remain there.


Thank goodness for memories.

Thank goodness also that we have a heart and are able to love.

And love real hard.

So, while we still can, let’s cherish those moments, make wonderful memories, and hug your loved ones, one more time.


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