Pets’ Birthdays are Cool, Let’s Celebrate! 🎂

Our Little lady has turned


Lia’s Story

It was around this time last year when we adopted a sweet little kitten from a local family. When we went to get her she was covered with fleas. Itching and scratching while among other cats and dogs inside the house. We knew we had to get her out of there!

Yesterday, she turned 1 year old.

Although we’re not much into celebrations we still gave her massive amounts of hugs n she in return purred louder than before.

Her meal, usually consisting of dry kibble and wet cat food (grain-free by the way), had a little candle for an added touch. 😸

You can tell she was happy from her tail sticking straight up with a curl at the top.



I learned an awkward position from bro-fur Pinty. Hehe 😉 




Acting like quite the lady she is, posing with bro-fur Pinty.


Living with a kitty cat

Lia is the sweetest of kitty cats. She loves to pose and loves to purr. Her head bonks show us how much she loves us. Her trotting towards us when we call her name is like nothing in this world. The name we ended up choosing for her is quite appropriate for her.. The name means rose in Latin and she is every bit a delicate rose.

She was named after our sweet lil girl Rose who passed away, at only about 5 months, from complications of the heart in 2014. Our lives were never the same after a season of huge losses in our family around that time.

Since she’s been with us we have enjoyed the countless ways she brings joy to our lives.

We love everything she does, whether it’s asking to be fed by climbing on me early each morning while softly purring, running full speed after Pinty or simply dragging and playing with one of her favorite toys.

We are so thankful for each cat we have, especially Lia on her birthday. We just hope and pray she continues to be loved and cared for and happily turning older each year she is with us.






I love being playful, even getting herself in the most unusual places! Haha!!


After playing I cuddle near Ma on the bean bag



Look how big I’ve grown friends!



My Ma’s favorite: A wink and a smile, hehe

I turn into a sweet little kitty loaf and hope to get more food!


Where is my bro-fur?

Did I mention I love boxes? Pinty must wait patiently his turn.


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  1. Many 1 year birthday wishes, precious kitty Lia, from kitty Rohke and meXO

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  2. Lotsa 1 year birthday wishes for you precious Lia from kitty Rohke and me.

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  3. Rohke and me givin lotsa birthday wishes to precious kitty Lia. My how she has grown. Mraw =^,,^= ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Happy Birthday to you Lia from Kosmo in Finland.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Such a cutie! Happy Birthday! I am so glad you have a wonderful forever home.

    Liked by 1 person

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