It’s Spring Time, My Cats

One of my cats was born in spring of last year. She will be turning one in April. Yikes, time flies!


Curious, curious kitten then.

And here she is now.


We’re so very glad we adopted her. She makes my day every day. Lia is still very tender, sweet, loving. More about her and my boy here: Lia & Pinty



Please consider adopting a pet and help save one more little furry friend (furkids are pawsome!) GO to this link to find one in your area: or ASPCA

Here are both Pinty and Lia, they make quite the pair!



about Spring….


We see that spring officially starts tomorrow! Oh my cats!



But what’s up with this weather? One week its cold, the next is super hot. Then the next it pours down car-wash-like rains! Oh, we must be in Florida. Hehe


Beautiful beach view in Florida 🙂 


We all vote that we just go back to sleep…





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  1. Kittens grow up so fast! I wish they would stay small longer! I would like to be on a Florida beach again–it has been decades since I was there.

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    • They sure do. I have the same request. May all the kittens stay small longer 👍🏼
      Thanks for stopping by, Greg 🐾🐾 be sure to visit a warm n sunny Florida beach soon, it’s my second home 🚣🏽


  2. Very cute kitties. Lia looks a lot like my Millie.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Meows and purrss for all u cyoooot kittehs from Rohke and me. Happy almost birthday Lia. We adopted kitteh, Rohke from Humane Society 3 1/2 years ago. He is 5 this last December =^,,^=

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