Love = Compassion = Love

February is still here!

I can still find the remnants of Valentine’s Day goodies throughout my house, there’s half-finished chocolate boxes, marshmallows, the roses (although those have moved on), pink and red gumballs, M&Ms, wine bottles (mostly gone too), etc. But the one thing that remains is the wonderful memories and the love we gave and received that day. Even to our cats.

I notice my big boy Pinty is getting so much bigger, he sure loves eating and sometimes that worries me, but he is so affectionate towards us. Always following me around, no matter where I go in the house. My little lady Lia has reached a new level of maturity but still finds time to play with her favorite toys. If I ask “where’s the ball?” she attempts to look for it through the immediate vicinity. She is so very cute when she does that!

When I look at them resting peacefully I remember how much I gain from loving them and getting love in return. Their purrs and leg rubs and head bunks. Oh how sweet it is to be loved by a pet! It makes it pure joy to come home every day and to care for them as well.

I am still very much in love with them and hope to continue to care for them for a very long time. God-willing of course, because they sure are so amazingly sweet!

Their stories have an ongoing happy ending (if that makes any sense at all, but they do!) so I make a wish in this continuing love month of February and that is for every person in the world to love and be loved back. And that everyone, no matter where, extending to animals near and far, will continue to give and receive lots of love and compassion.




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