Unwrapping Some Pet Luvs before New Years

Happy New Year… 2016!!

I hope you’re having a great December. Can you believe it is almost over????

Time flies, they say…

But is it only when you’re having fun?

Hmmmm…. I wonder


It must be a lot of fun in my house because this year has gone so very fast.

Well it just might be.

During the holidays alone we enjoyed guests, visited family and opened presents.

Even the cats had a ball!

Waiting for Santa Paws


Pinty enjoying the ride

Lia loved the gift wrap & tissue

Playing and losing all fuzzy ball toys


Perhaps it has to do with being busy. We are just too busy. Busy working and doing typical things: cooking, doing chores and running errands.

Mostly, we’re busy living our hectic lives.

I do notice one thing though: our pets are always there. Ready to purr; ready to give us a whole lot of love.

I wish we were more like my pets.

Our cats love being with us, I can tell by the times I trip over them when near our feet in the kitchen while cooking or in the closet while I dress.

They enjoy playing with us too; I love when my lil’ Lia carries her toys to us for some playtime.

All in all, they show their love to us. No matter what.

As the New Year 2016, approaches, it’s time to make some resolutions. I think this year mine will be to be more like my cats. Show those we love we truly care by being there as well.

Time is so short. I want to cherish the good times and build a great big mountain of memories.

Those are always the best, aren’t they?

Hope you all have a Happy New Year!


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  1. Adorable…. you just made me love cats. Please follow thusothusie.wordpress.com

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  2. I can’t believe already 2016. Kitteh Rohke and me wish all of you and your kittehs a Happy New Year mew mew

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  3. What a lovely and very important text.

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  4. Very nice post. Time does go by too quickly- especially with our beloved pets who have such short lives.


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