Terror Hurts! 😿 When will it stop? #PrayersForParis

Cats hate to be terrorized; not unlike us humans.

The attack on French soil has reached us all thanks to the Internet. As the world watches through television, computers, and hand-held devices, we wonder…

When will the bullying stop?

There’s nothing I hate more than injustice and violence towards the innocent.


Who could unjustly threaten others and be stupid enough to harm others? Only fools that have the need to terrorize.

Ever seen or heard of brutal attacks towards animals? Of course you have, they’re all over the ‘net. I’d hate to see any of my little darlings suffer yet often wonder…

Why do bullies do this? Hurt, not just animals, but everything and everyone in general. We will never know the exact psychology behind these bullies and their thirst for hurting others.

What happened yesterday in Paris is similarly the cause of bullies, and is bringing up lots of bad memories of when American soil was attacked in 9-11. Now, after last night, which coincidentally falls on Friday the 13th, (a superstitious unlucky day), many places have had to close down in Paris, including The Eiffel Tower, The Louvre Museum, and secure the borders of France. Here in the U.S., the crown on our own Statue of Liberty closed today to the public.

At least some forms of kindness are popping everywhere. I am glad many are praying and offering help to others.

All over, Americans are offering their homes to those whose France-bound flights were canceled with #StrandedinUS https://t.co/pOqObukQSP


It’s a beautiful thing to come together and help. May love always prevail!

I would hope that that these surprise attacks never happen. Violence only begets more violence. Just look at what the French President had to say: “To all those who have seen these awful things, I want to say we are going to lead a war which will be pitiless.”

No one should have to live in a world where their safety is compromised. When can we expect peace and quietness? I hope for someday soon!

My heart goes out to the victims and their families that now have to make some sense of it all.

Read more from the above links: NY Times, LA Times, National Post and The Wall Street Journal.




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  1. My heart breaks for the world. I cannot imagine where we will end up or what we will become.


  2. It’s so terrible 😦

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