Pre-Holidays Madness… Here We Go!

It’s getting harder to post lately. So much going on!

Sometimes I feel like screaming…


Aghhhhh!!! From the movie Home Alone.

Birthdays, we’ve had three, school exams, guests at our house, business busier than usual…

So much has contributed to our busyness.

But my cats….

Nah. They’re happy day and day out.

    Every day they get their cuddle.

         Every day they get their playtime (a bit less lately, I’m sorry!).

               Every day they get their yummy food and treats (can’t skip those, nor the potty cleaning!).

IMG_9185 IMG_9155 IMG_8717

But now that the holidays are approaching (yikes!) we get into a different mood.

It’s not just busyness but its exciting! New dishes to try and make to go along with the old ones.

The Thanksgiving feast and then the holiday plays and functions and the Christmas dinners….

Oh my!


Oh no, not this!



Our favorite is Sweet potato casserole with marshmallows on top. Best stuff on earth!

Read a bit of history on the Thanksgiving meal!


Let’s hope we can get it all done and ready.


Need. Turkey. Now.


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