Purrfectly Peaceful Pets Melt Our Stress Away 😴💤

Sometimes we get a little stressed; sometimes a lot.

This weekend my little lady Lia went for surgery. Again.

This time a tiny surgery to fix her umbilical hernia.

This stressed me a bit. But because it was taken care of quickly in the morning, not so much. And she is doing good in the afternoon Saturday and come Sunday she is remarkably ok. 🙂

She looked so cute as a little loaf while waiting for us. Did she know what was to come? 

My Pinty as well has been feeling better but he has really upped his food stealing habits. How is it that my big boy loves to eat so much? He’s ginormous! Hmm… I wonder.

I was checking out Katzenworld‘s latest post about a cat cafe in London and checked out their website. What a great concept! Those kitties looked amazingly cute!

I must say I agree with this wonderful quote on Dinah’s Cat Emporium:

“You cannot look at a sleeping cat and feel tense.” ~Jane Pauley

So true.

Today as I was hanging with my sweet girl Lia while she rested away from Pint’ (I wanted to make sure she heals well after this second surgery in two weeks), I felt my stress going away.

The wound looks normal but a bit too big for her little tiny frame. I was noticing her breathing as she slept.

So peaceful!

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  1. Wish that your beauty will heal fast.

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  2. Thank you for visiting our sites. Now have studied your sites and they are great. We have almost had a cat or more and we know how lovely they are. In Finland in a city of Tampere is a cat cafee, and it is very popular.

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  3. Glad she is home and is apparently doing well. I thought you said there was LEss stress!

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    • Anything stresses me. Especially health related issues. I want everyone to be doing ok 👍🏼😸 when the balance is tipped I worry. But I know it’s temporary. Thank goodness. The other stress is just from daily work and activities. My kitties do a marvelous job helping me rid of that 😊


  4. sweet babies and many prayers an dealing energy her way.

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  5. Oh my FLEAS! I hope she gets better quickly!! The human and I will purray fur them both (and fur you)!😺

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  6. I will pray that she has a speedy recovery.

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