Gotta Love Them Cats! When They’re Sick, We’re Sad.

Its amazing how pets melt our hearts.

What amazes me most is how I can’t picture my life or my home without them.

When Lia had her surgery last week, I have to admit I really missed her. The house seemed empty without her running about. She loves to drag her toys around to anyone who will play with her. Such a little joy! I know Pinty missed her too.

Imagine my surprise and concern when she, five days after surgery, was still not her usual self. She lingered in my room all day. Slept and got up very few times.

I encouraged her to eat her wet food and I would place her in the box which I call the “potty” so she could do her business. I felt so sad for her!

Then Thursday came and finally! she ate and wanted more. She went onto the potty on her own and, like a mom, I cheered! What a little trooper! So very proud of her!

She’s been eating fine since then and back to playing and hopping everywhere.

Unfortunately… two things:

  1. The vet still has to close her umbilical hernia, so I am dreading her undergoing yet another surgery, albeit much less intrusive. That happens this weekend.
  2. And oh boy, my boy Pinty has been acting up since then. I can’t quite pinpoint what it is, but he stopped eating his food as he used to, and has very stinky potty times even after changing his food.

I’m monitoring him for now and dreading this weekend when Lia goes back under the knife. My poor sweet little lady. And my awesome little man!

We will all try to keep our fingers/paws crossed that all will be ok. I am so thankful to have these little furballs as pets. They are such love and bring everyone so much joy (including my mom).

I get concerned for them, they are my world!



How do you deal with your cats’ illnesses or surgeries if any?


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  1. We are sending prayers and good vibes for your sweet girl in hopes that she will be 100% soon. Our sweet Ali has feline auto immune disease and we know all about worry and sadness, but she has so far beat the odds and is doing well.

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  2. Dental coming up next week–always worry about the aenesthesia. Picking good cat food is really difficult, and if you think you got a good brand, they won’t eat it!

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    • Ha that’s my dilemma. Although Pinty will eat just about anything. Trying Sheba now and doing more research to settle on one good brand.
      I understand about the anesthesia. My girl took so long to return to normal then the throwing up etc I just feel helpless. Thanks for your comment. I’ll have you in my thoughts this next week, hope it goes well! 😸

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      • For some reason, the three won’t eat Sheba in any incarnation. For what it’s worth, my vet says they will eat the food that is the saltiest! I have not been brave enough to “tongue” test cat food myself! The cheap brands have more salt in them, so I been told, but you can’t believe everything. A pinch of salt may be bad for them, but maybe they will eat their food? The real problem is they are not starved! They are less finnickly when really hungry.

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  3. I hope for speedy recovery. When you change their food, you may remember to mix old and new kind for about a week, so they can get used to the new and avoid bad stomach. What do you feed them with?

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  4. Poor kitties, I will be praying for them. I am like you, they are my babies and I get worried even for routine procedures like dentals.

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