Our Little Kitty Still Recouperating 😿

Our sweet lil’ Lia recently had surgery… here she is recovering but still being very brave about it.


Her brofur Pinty waits and waits some more for her 🙂

Lia waits with her recovery collar

My big boy does a jelly belly roll for her while snoozing on homework

Waiting patiently while Ma feeds Lia first

He nudges her and sniffs her. Kisses too



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  1. I hope sweet Lia recovers soon. Love seeing all your kitteh photos. They are all so cyoooot mew mew

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  2. Awwww – I hope she’s better quickly!

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  3. awww prayers and good vibes for sweet baby girl.

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  4. They are such cuties. I hope Lia has a speedy recovery.


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