What’s My Cat’s Real Age? 🙀 A Chart for Pet Owners


God bless my kittens. They’re my babies and when I get home every time, it makes me smile how they greet me in their own special way.

Lia tumbles down the stairs in super high speed, whereas my boy, Pinty, casually strolls over, quite the cool guy he is and semi-interested, becoming sidetracked by any little thing along the way.

What makes them so different?

I think it may be pegged to their age.

If there is one thing I like is how different they are! Even though they’re both kittens, they’re growing every day.

I enjoyed reading about cats and their age appropriate behavior on icatcare.org. As it turns out, my Lia is about the age of an 8-year-old human, and Pinty, who is now 13 months is (and acts like) a 15 year old.

That explains a lot.

My big boy is acting a bit strange when near my Lia 🙀 even though he is neutered! But I do see signs of her going into heat, she is often in the usual mating position! Oh my cats! Thankfully she will be spayed this Thursday, in hopes that he won’t chase her anymore!!

Here’s a chart on cat life stages and their human equivalent years:


While my Lia, the sweet white kitten, likes to run around and play with anything we drop, our junior cat, Pinty, will do less playtime and more sleep time. And their eating habits seem to change as well. These little rascals remind me of raising kids sometimes. I am so glad I got two.

They’re so good together!

I so love my kitty cats! There isn’t anything I love more!


                       that’s up for debate because I do love my daughter more than anything…

I do enjoy other things like photographing cool things.

I adore taking macro shots of roses 😉 , as well as landscapes such as the beach and lighthouses!

One day I’ll have to combine all three 🙂

One of our favorite hobbies is to visit old lighthouses throughout Florida and we so enjoy taking pictures of them and climbing up their endless spiral staircases inside. The view from above is always the best reward for all your hard efforts!

I just have such a love for these gorgeous landmarks 🙂

I love that they are old, the first ones built around the 1800s and a few that we have visited were first lit up in the 1870s. Here are some of my pics.



As every cat owner knows, nobody owns a cat. ~Ellen Perry Berkeley

With age comes different attitudes. I love that kittens are playful but once they turn 1, they start to slow down a bit.

My oldest boy, now living with my ex-husband, is about 7 years old. He acts like a mature 45-year-old man too!


What’s your feline’s age, and does he/she act his/her age?

Pinty_Up playingBALL play


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  1. I was going to say “you’re only as old as the kitten you feel!” But then I thought that sounded creepy!


    The Cat


  2. ❤ international cat care


  3. Love this post! 😺 Thanks fur that pawsome chart- it’s great to know I’m in my prime! (6 years old)

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Roxie is 9 which equals 52, but I think she is regressing more every year.

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Mine are 12 cat years, which should be 64 human years. They do still play and hunt and not only for fun, they catch still…
    They are more relaxed now.

    Liked by 2 people

  6. Adorable post. Love all the photos 🙂 My girls are both 7months making them about 12 years old according to the chart but the calculator thingy says 8.8. Idk which is correct. But my girls sure are acting like about to be preteens. They don’t come when ya call them which is hilarious. They have a good amount of energy still but it’s slowing down. I hope the neutering process goes perfect for your girl. There both beauties by the way.
    HUGS&LOVE , Faith

    Liked by 2 people

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