When it Rains It Pours… Kitty Cats


We’re all familiar with the saying… When it rains, it pours. But can it pour good things instead of bad?

The catchy old saying can just about mean anything then!

Remember the motto for Morton salt….


There are times when one wrong thing follows another and yet another… Like when my cats are acting up. They’ve broken a glass, a plate and decided to use some clothes in my closet as the potty. That was just in a matter of days.

In this case When it rains it pours! suits it perfectly!

And there’s also countless stories of folks who have had to endure problem after problem with their pets’ health.

I feel for them, because it isn’t just raining, its downright pouring!

Ahhh but I remember last year when we ended up helping the neighborhood cat and lo and behold she gave birth to five kittens! Read the story here.

Yep, it was definitely raining… kitty cats!

But that… was a good thing as we got one little tiny kitten that turned into one ginormous Pintorelli (well, he did start out as Pinty, and lately we just resort to calling him an even shorter version: Pint’)

How Pinty looked when he was born

How Pinty looked when he was born

He still thinks he's little

He still thinks he’s little

Hehe 😻

I hope there’s only good things raining on everyone’s lives right now.

But if the answer is “No” then please wait as we know that after every storm in our lives comes a rainbow.


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  1. Silly cyoooot Pinty mew mew

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  2. Pouring good on me lately. Celebrating with my daughter, Genevieve, her birthday tomorrow. Also building more memories with grand girls. Always love reading your blog. Lotsa luvin and may you have good pouring, not badXO

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  3. Very nice post. Pintorelli is adorable.

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