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9-11 & Sadness ~ Words and Healing

Combating Sadness


9-11 brings back a lot of memories; sad memories to be exact.


How can we stay positive in the midst of so much sadness?

What do people do to be happy?

Today, especially…

Since 2001 when the Twin Towers in NYC were brutally attacked and so many perished as a result, we have had to deal with sadness on this particular date. Unwelcomed sadness.

So… How do we cope?

I wish I had the answers.

I do get sad. Some situations, like these, make me sad. But thankfully it isn’t permanent. I have so much going on in my life that it is nearly impossible to be anything but busy, busy, busy.

And busy can be good. It’s one of the best ways to not be ‘sad’… and what is the opposite of sad? You may say ‘happy’, especially because the meaning of sad is ‘unhappy’ and its direct opposite meaning should and could be ‘happy’ but I beg to differ. It should be more like ‘good’, ‘nice’, ‘great’ and even ‘okay’.


Busyness can be so healing for many of us. Almost therapeutic. It doesn’t leave much time to be sad and depressed.


My little lady Lia

I have animals (cats to be exact) that keep me busy and very distracted. And distraction is so good for keeping sadness away. I’d say they are excellent!

I am super busy, as well, as I have a full plate on my hands: 2 jobs, a mom that stays with me too much lately, a sister who is very demanding (& a brother in CA, but he stays super busy on his own), an online class, a house that often drains my pocket, and a car that just this week decided to not start. All this keeps me quite busy!

But every now and then sadness rears its ugly head; like today, for example. Thank goodness there’s hope and time is on our side… with the passing of time, we hurt less and the pain subsides. The memories help us cherish the good and great times with the ones we’ve lost. I encourage you to think back and smile.

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