Emotional Days and the Companions that Help us (Cats, Dogs…)


Ever have an emotional day?



Sure you have. We all hurt at some point in time.

I was having one of those the other day. It seemed that everywhere I looked there was something that made me sad…

A tweet about a long-time furry companion that has a terminal illness and owner is hurting…

…this makes me so sad!

A news report about ignorant fools who hurt animals for fun…

this leaves me wondering and so much sadder! (not to mention angry!).

A family member who’s step dad just died in a tragic accident…

…My heart is just breaking at this point.

Could I be suffering from an extreme case of empathy? Who knows.

I do often put myself in their shoes and feel the emotions overtake me.

But I notice that it is during these very emotional times that I am feeling so incredibly and inconsolably sad that my kitties remain by my side, as if to comfort me.


I know they somehow feel our pain.


Could it be possible that they’re in tune with humans? Perhaps they are able to perceive our nonverbal channels of communication as psychoanalysts suggest? An article on Psychology Today poses the idea that perhaps cats would be more appropriate to teach children empathy today when violence is lurking through every outlet possible and seeping into their young minds and hearts.

Am all up for cats teaching us a thing or two. And you know they do! Here’s an example 🙂

How do you feel about that?


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  1. I so agree that cats do sense our feelings, and do everything possible to show they love us, and comfort when we are sad. My kitteh Rohke agrees. mew mew

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  2. Being a beautiful (and highly intelligent) kat myself, I can truthfully say, that yes, we kats are completely in tune with our humans and their emotions!

    We are God’s special agents of love and comfort!😺

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