Pet Statistics ~ Oh Meow!

Pet statistics we should know right meow.

My love for our wonderful pets goes very, very far. I love to see them happy, which coincidentally makes humans happy so it’s a win-win situation for all.

I’d like to share some cat stats I found to be quite interesting. When you get to the numbers, don’t let it overwhelm you, the number of these furry friends can be great but for every one of these cuties there is one angelic soul who can help!


I had some cat stats questions and with the help of the Department of Animal Care and Control released this information very recently, which I share here with you.

Here they are:

Some popular US Cat Breeds by rank?

#1 Domestic shorthair

#4 Domestic Long Hair

#5 Siamese

#6 Main Coon

I personally love the Ragdoll breed but it came in at #10.

Most popular names?  

For female cats: Chloe, Bella, Lucy (but no Lia!)

And for male cats: Max, Tigger and Tiger (Yay for my oldest boy’s name!) 🙂

Which countries have the highest cat population?

#1 USA

#2 China

#6 Italy

and #7 UK

But did you know???

A whopping 60,000,000 feral cats live on the streets today!

According to ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Animal Cruelty) they estimate that 70 million are strays!

Each year 7.6 million animals enter animal shelters nationwide (3.9 dogs & 3.4 cats)!

Of those only 2.7 million are adopted (1.4 dogs & 1.3 cats)!

And sadly, a similar number of them are euthanized.

Very sad!

Its worthy to note that many strays are lost pets “who were not kept properly indoors or provided with identification.” So lets get our pets tagged asap!

This is very sobering to read. But we can help!

If the US has a population of 318 million (well, take away the 23% under 18) and you are left with over 245 million folks (ok, lets just count the 115 million households) but you still have at least one household who can easily get and provide for at least one wonderful and furry friend, so lets help rescue a pet today before its too late!

Here are my two kitty cats…

My big boy Pintorelli (Pinty)

My big boy Pintorelli (Pinty) was born from a stray cat we took in back in 2014

Little Lia

Little Lia, rescued from a home with too many mistreated animals

We love our pets! They give us plenty of kittycat smiles



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  1. I do too. Kittehs are so precious:)

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  2. I have signed so many petitions to save feral cats spaying them so they won’t have any litters. So there won’t be too many feral cats without a home.

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  3. I so enjoy your post. My life is so much better with my kitteh Rohke in it. Kitty luvin purrrr=^..^=

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I have a Lucy 🙂 The statistics of ferals is heart breaking.

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