Our Furry Friends Have Feelings Too! 😸😼

~Animals and Feelings~

Ever seen pure joy coming from your pet (or friend’s pet) when you approach them?

The wagging tail on a dog (or that look of guilt???), the round-about hopping bunny, or your cat’s walking toward you with his/her tail very high…

These are all evidence that our furriends have feelings, love us and want to greet us with open arms (err… sort of).

So, do our pets really have feelings???

I think know so!

These little fur balls may not voice out their emotions/feelings, but they sure have them. Animals may not display the full range of emotions we humans have, but they do have quite a bit.

Here are some they may experience:

  • Grief … ever notice this in abandoned or trapped animals?
  • Fear/terror … when they run from anything fearful (dog) or loud (a vacuum)
  • Sadness/loneliness… (my shadow–our big boy Pint’–gets heartbroken and loudly meows if he thinks I left the house)
  • Anxiety… when very stressed for any reason (hiding, vomiting, etc.)
  • Anger/rage … Ever heard them hiss at each other or at someone they do not like very much?
  • Pain… this one they do voice out loud, although not always.
  • Love… loving/joyful, etc. This they show in countless ways like when they cuddle up to us 😀
  • Happiness/trust… my big boy and lil’ lady are always happy yessiree  see some signs here

Pinty being apprehensive, shows his anxiety/concern over who is making noise nearby.

Other feelings they could exhibit may include being shy, tired, sleepy, annoyed, cool, bored, and my favorite: giddy! Their excitement is contagious!

Here’s some emotional reactions to:

Toys (receiving a banana-shaped toy full of catnip) bananaphone

and music for cats (as recommended by this blog on cat behavior (personalities/emotions)music for cats

Now, my least favorites are when they are sick because they are sad, unhappy, and are feeling down. 

A pet that is displaying any of these signs scares me and I immediately worry.

Ever notice how incredibly sad they look? Read for more info on signs of pain at Preventive Vet.com

I hate to see animals suffer or die.

Whether mine or someone else’s, It tugs at my heartstrings.

How does your pet show feelings?


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  1. They absolutely have feelings and they show them. Our Ali cries tears when my husband, whose companion kitty she is, in the hospital and gone for a few days.
    I have to give her a pair his socks and let he lay on his pillow to keep her calm til he gets home.

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  2. My cats are now 12 years old and I think that I learned their individual language to know. My dog shows clearly his emotions by his acting.

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