7 Things We Can Learn from Cats


Our animals can teach us quite a few things. They are masters of their time and bodies–unlike us. Us humans are all tensed up, we lie and don’t say what we mean (usually), and mostly run out of patience (driving or waiting in line or while dealing with our teenagers, to name a few examples).

But, have you ever seen:

  1. How relaxed cats are?? ~ Their relaxation techniques are incomparable!
    • Let’s face it: we all know how stressful lives we can lead and learning from our cats to relax can help us by reducing our tension, hence lowering our blood pressure, dodging worse stress-related headaches, heart problems, diabetes, skin conditions, etc. Read more on Web-MD.
    • So, get relaxed! Try something similar like Yoga, meditation, deep breathing while relaxing all muscles in your body in stages helps tremendously. Try one from HelpGuide.org.
  2. How nicely cats nap?? ~ They sleep soundly, like babies, with not a care in the world. And they do this multiple times a day (wish I could!).
    • Why napping? Well, for one, we are very sleep-deprived. And we all know how cranky we can get without sleeping or eating. Also, we have a lot of stress in our lives. Because I, like many, have a high-stress job, I go easy on myself and try to avoid caffeine, stop worrying myself sick over things, and generally skip watching reality shows/news/gossip on TV. If I can squeeze in an hour nap it feels so refreshingly good!
    • So, take a catnap! Sleep like a baby! And feel refreshed. These short power naps help in more ways than one.  Their health benefits are innumerable, these short little sleep periods make us more alert and helps us perform better! And according to this article catnaps help you live longer. Now, who wouldn’t want that?
    • image
  3. How limber they are!! ~ You notice all those limbs stretching above and beyond?
    • Stretching helps keep muscles loose and prevents tightening of the muscles. Do they know this?? No. But cats sure stretch a lot.
    • Well, now, try stretching! We can definitely do this when we’re up in the morning.
    • stretch
  4. How honest they are! ~ Yep, honesty is a virtue. And cats are more honest than most of us. These kitty cats are never tongue-tied. Whether it’s purring signaling their happiness, or glare & squirm… followed by a quick nibble/scratch, they let you know exactly how they feel. Hey, they warned ya!
    • honesty honesternest
  5. How much patience our cats exhibit! ~ Wow, how they can wait forever for us to feed them. This is one of those areas we humans do not do very well 😉
    • patient2
  6. How affectionate they are!?! 😀 ~ Oh they show so much love! Read some more here 🙂
    •  affection
  7. How intuitive they are! ~ They don’t need to think or reason to act a certain way like us. We let a lot of things dictate how we will act/what we will say. It all depends on a lot of factors… Cats? Nah.
    • intuit

So, what can we learn from cats?

I think that’s easy.. that we need to be more like cats… except when it comes to fights. 😉


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  1. Oh my God! I love it! Where have you been?

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  2. Cats are where it’s at. And thanks for the follow on papermudandme.com. Thanks again and Aloha – pjs/

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  3. Nice post. Just look at a sleeping cat and we stress down 😉

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