Kittycats Love – How Affectionate is Your Feline?

Felines display a wide range of emotions. Oh, yes they do.

They’re affectionate (when they want to be!) as they can have an adjustable rate of affection.

Affection shown by cats ( can vary. Here’s some:

  1. Slow Eye Blinks
  2. Purring loud
  3. Grooming
  4. Head Rubbing – Head Butting
  5. Belly Display
  6. Tail Position
  7. Kneading

While some kitties prefer lots of love by being close in proximity, others may glare “keep your distance!”

Then there are those cats who love to show so much affection they shower you with too many hugs or kisses and/or follow you so close by they are a tripping hazard!

Yet, some are completely antisocial and prefer to hide from all or most human interaction.

What makes them behave this way?

I guess it depends on their breed and/or upbringing. Because some grow being handled and petted, they get used to it at an early age.



Pinty’s mama preferred not to be handled or petted at all. And when her litter was born, although they started to be standoffish like mama cat, we cuddled them a lot. That worked like a charm. Out of all of them we kept the pinto, renamed Pinty 😉

We enjoy that my cats love showing affection in many ways.


Pinty loves displaying his belly, kneading, and squinting his eyes ever so sweetly.

Lia, on the other hand, shows her love by head-butting us, nuzzling me, settling under my long skirts and holding her tail high up when she runs to us as we call her. Oh and their purring when we speak to them or pet them the right way!! Lovely!


So, how affectionate is your feline?


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  1. Mine are very affectione, but I have also been their Mommy since they were few days old 😀
    They are 12 years old now.

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  2. Cutest tummy ever. You’ll need to enter tummy rub Tuesday haha 😀


  3. Oh, I’m SUPER affectionate!

    Liked by 2 people

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