From the Paws: A Cat’s List of How Tos

Ok. Here’s my funny kitty-cats’ list of tips and tricks for common questions.

This is a short list of questions, in Q&A form, on a variety of cat basic issues for new (and who knows) cat parents.

Whether its how to properly handle introductions, to how often should you feed them, ways to play and entertain them, as well as keeping them healthy and flea-free 🙂

Common Questions:

Q: How often should I feed my little fur ball?

A: My big boy, Pinty says: all day Ma!!

Feeding time… If it was up to my cat, he’d want food all day long. He’d stuff his little face, then ask for more! 😉 His father, on the other hand, ate just enough and saved the rest for when he was in the mood to eat. Making it incredibly easy to feed. Vets, like Dr. Lisa A. Pearson from, suggest small meals throughout the day, or just twice a day. Our kitties are fed throughout the day and I personally use dry kibble for my big boy and the same for my little lady Lia (although I soak her kitten food), but come to find out, this dry food contains an amazing amount of grains and carbohydrates! Which leads to UTIs and diabetes! Yikes. Not enough protein or water for these little carnivores, so I’m in the process of switching to wet cat food, by mixing them up for them.

Q: My cat seems to sleep all day and run around all night. I can’t sleep with the noise!

A: Little Lia’s answer: “Yawn, I had so much fun.”

Kitties do sleep all day… Hurry! Switch it up and play with them during the day. Lots of it! And at different intervals. Note: You can also try to feed them a little less at a time so they don’t go and hide with their full tummies for long siestas during the day.

Q: How do I keep kitty from getting bored and sleepy all day?

A: Pinty says “Play more!”

Bored kitties… I’d say: “catifyyour home. Hehe 😉 What that means is include lots of playful areas for your kitties. A climbing house, scratching posts, toys galore (but not all at once, try to rotate them periodically). All these help your cats stay active and entertained. What do my cats love? a silly Red Laser pen! Yep. They chase after it like there’s no tomorrow. See other ideas here.

Q: How do I keep my kitties from scratching the furniture!?

A: Their answer: “What furniture?” 😉

For saving the furniture… I recommend getting a few Scratcher Cat Toys and posts 😀 and No Scratch Spray for Cats on the areas they should avoid. There are also furniture protective guards you can also apply to deter them.

Q: Should I declaw my kitty? Scratching hurts our family.

A: Both my kitties both meow a hearty NO!

Kitty scratching… There is no reason why any cat should be declawed. There are far more reasons why it shouldn’t be done. Suffice it to say that declawing, the sawing off the last bone off each little toe is the human equivalent of cutting our fingers at the last knuckle! Ouch!!! Click on it to find out more. To keep them from scratching humans, trim their claws every month. I use Safety Nail Trimmers  while holding cat enveloped in a cozy blanket and relaxed.

Q: How do I get rid of fleas and keep kitty flea-free?

A: Pinty and Lia say “Easy! Let’s just chew them up!”

Hey. I don’t like bugs of any kind, so fleas: stay away from my cats! I’d do everything in my power to keep those pests off my Pinty and tiny Lia. I personally came across a great suggestion to use Dawn Dishwashing Liquid for drowning fleas in an itchy kitten. It works wonders! I also have used Adams Flea shampoo. The addition of a monthly flea prevention such as Revolution also helps.

Q: How do I introduce my cat and the new kitty?

A: They chime in: “Let me at ’em!” <– what cats would want. But this spells trouble.

Introducing kitties… This one’s a toughie because it depends on how “nice” your cat is and how old kitty is too. We researched it and found that letting them sniff each other through a closed door or high gate helps. We did that. Switching a blanket or toy they’ve each played with also works wonders to acclimate them to another cat’s scents. Slow introductions work best and ensure your kitties will get along.


All animals, especially cats, are wonderful companions and they can bring many years of fun, joy and unconditional love to your home if treated right, right from the start 🙂

Info provided with the help of ASPCA. Get ideas for other essential products here.



About Kay @KittyCat_Smile

Hi! I live in sunny south Florida. Best of all I'm a proud mom to a tall and talented girl and two very cool kitty-cats. I'm a cat-lover (oh my cats!), a self-proclaimed, awesome, shoe-hoarder (luv them heels). I enjoy being a freelance editor, an occasional photographer of roses and the ocean (what else is there?), and my profession is Paralegal - yes, my life is full. I love that you're reading this ;-)

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