Sleepy Time

Unlike babies… kittens don’t sleep all that much at one time.

They’re unstoppable little balls of energy.

But when they do take their thousand little naps a day, all snuggled up with us, it’s the best thing in life.

Kittens being adorable, giving us so much love… This is what life is about 🙂


Cozied Up Kitten

Check out the many ways some are caught sleeping….

🙂 😀 😀




About Kay @KittyCat_Smile

Hi! I live in sunny south Florida. Best of all I'm a proud mom to a tall and talented girl and two very cool kitty-cats. I'm a cat-lover (oh my cats!), a self-proclaimed, awesome, shoe-hoarder (luv them heels). I enjoy being a freelance editor, an occasional photographer of roses and the ocean (what else is there?), and my profession is Paralegal - yes, my life is full. I love that you're reading this ;-)

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  1. I collect kittens they seem to stick to my fingers as I walk by. I have three cats at the moment and had several in the past. I’m afraid that the brood I have will be the last of them. Be well.


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