A Mom’s Love

Aw. Mother’s Day.

Thank goodness there is a special day designated just for moms. I think we pet owners all fall under the “mom” category, don’t we?

So, what is Mother’s Day?

Well, that’s easy, but let’s revisit it: This annual celebration is a day in America celebrating moms everywhere for well over 100 years. It is held on the second Sunday of May each and every year. It can mean giving gifts, cards, flowers and may include special words to honor mothers and/or mother figures. It often includes and celebrates not just mothers but grandmothers, great-grandmothers, stepmothers, and foster mothers as well.

I have to admit, there is nothing like a mom! You learn to appreciate motherhood even more after becoming a mom. We love and respect those who’ve mothered us as well (be it the nanny, the neighbor, a sibling, etc.), we know that they did it with the utmost love and best intentions.

Mothers everywhere are special, and I believe that if there was an entire year to commemorate moms, there still wouldn’t be enough time to cover them all. 

Thats why this poem is dedicated to honor them all:


Life given; lessons learned.

You held me tight, calming my soul

Helped me up, when I needed it most

You gave so much; gladly gave more

The magic of motherhood, now that I know

You’re someone to cherish

A mom I’ll always be thankful for.

I’ve enjoyed being a mom so much, not only to my daughter (since over a decade ago), but to our precious cat who follows me around everywhere I go, much like a newborn child would with their eyes.

When Momma Cat (read the story here), gave birth to her five kittens, she was such a “mom.” She was, like most mother cats, a life coach as well. She not only protected all of the babies (mothering) but also prepared the kittens for the outside world (coaching). I love that they can do that instinctively.

Kitten and Momma Cat

Momma safeguarding the youngest kittens 


Momma and babies. With mom by their side, life is sweet.

Oh, but a mother’s love is something to cherish. I’ll never get tired of being amazed by the sacrifices a mom makes all for the sake of her young.

Thank heaven there is a special day designated just for moms!! A small token of appreciation for a Mom’s Love.

Happy Mother’s Day to you and/or your mom 🙂


About Kay @KittyCat_Smile

Hi! I live in sunny south Florida. Best of all I'm a proud mom to a tall and talented girl and two very cool kitty-cats. I'm a cat-lover (oh my cats!), a self-proclaimed, awesome, shoe-hoarder (luv them heels). I enjoy being a freelance editor, an occasional photographer of roses and the ocean (what else is there?), and my profession is Paralegal - yes, my life is full. I love that you're reading this ;-)

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