Reasons to Have a Pet, Especially a Cat

There are so many reasons why I enjoy having a pet,  and why we all should too. Click on the link below to find a pet in your local shelter.

The Shelter Pet Project

Our cat, Pinty, known as the “Smiling Kitten,” has permanently earned a huge spot in our hearts. He is whom this blog is about. 🙂

On this and my first posts, I encourage everyone to give a chance to these adorable pets. Rescuing one is particularly beneficial as these animals deserve a good home. Aside from making a heroic effort to save one at the shelter, as you empty one more cage of a sad little face, there are huge benefits to owning a pet (a cat in my case). Let’s find out how.


BENEFITS of Pet Ownership

For one, pets reduce our stress.

I truly can feel my tension leaving me as I hold and pet Pinty’s fur. Hand-stroking kittens (or any pet for that matter), their little faces and their backs while they sit on your lap will improve your mood immediately! I guarantee it. Everyone at our home loves taking turns holding him.

The best stress reliever

Holding Pinty the smiling kitten

They are the best form of stress-reliever there is! It has something to do with physical contact and touching. The reason we hold hands with a loved one is because we have these incredible receptors (mechanoreceptors) throughout our body that allow us to feel with our skin, especially the hands.

No wonder we love holding hands and petting our cats! Our hands have more touch receptors than any other place in the body!

A second, yet very common, reason behind pet ownership is companionship.

Everybody needs a best friend! I must agree with that one because there is nothing like the love I give to and receive from my “mostly companion” (a line from Eloise, the movie).

A pretty obvious third one is they provide entertainment.

We all need to have a nice laugh often (great for longevity) and cats are great at that as we know. I can always find a kitten, cat, or any pet amusing, whether at home or throughout the net. Take a look for yourself…

Kitten texting on iPhone

Pinty texting. Can kittens be this smart? 😉

Cat in bag (face over a man's body)

Let the Cat outta the bag

Being responsible for something builds character

This is reason number 4 and is a wonderful thing to experience; especially for kids. My daughter knows that Pinty completely relies on one of us to feed him, so what does a teenager do when a cat needs to be fed, litter box changed, etc.? She knows she needs to react. Great idea, if you ask me, to experience a little dose of early responsibility.

So, why own a pet (in my case a sweet smiling cat)?

Because there are countless reasons in this life to do things, to enjoy things completely, especially to have one of these little guys and here I shared mine (and I so love them!).

You can read these and more reasons from the website on 7 Reasons You Should Get a Pet


About Kay @KittyCat_Smile

Hi! I live in sunny south Florida. Best of all I'm a proud mom to a tall and talented girl and two very cool kitty-cats. I'm a cat-lover (oh my cats!), a self-proclaimed, awesome, shoe-hoarder (luv them heels). I enjoy being a freelance editor, an occasional photographer of roses and the ocean (what else is there?), and my profession is Paralegal - yes, my life is full. I love that you're reading this ;-)

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  1. I agree wholeheartedly with all of your reasons. We’re awesome 😉

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