It’s Raining Cats!

When I first noticed the neighborhood cat was pregnant I thought, “Oh no…”

But taking that cat in so she could be fed and sheltered, and eventually give birth to an entire litter was an experience I shall never forget.

kittens on hand

Kittens galore

Mamma Cat, as we fondly called her, seemed to balloon up very fast. She was eating an incredible amount of food and begged for more and more. I got her milk and cat food and gave her a huge box to get comfortable in. Mamma cat didn’t like to be petted but enjoyed being around us. The days leading to her birth came, surprisingly, with lots of affection.

Since we didn’t know what to expect, we researched it using words like labor, cats, kittens, stages, etc. The Catsite was especially helpful. We learned their labor is known as “queening” and proceeded to make her a comfortable area where she could do her thing.


Mamma and Kittens

Mamma was such a trooper!

She went into the box we had set up and proceeded to deliver the sweetest kittens: two that we named Domino II and Domino III as they were born with spots on their backs to resemble (you guessed it) dominoes, a jet black one we named Jetty, a mixed one my daughter named Stormy, and a pinto we renamed Pintorelli (but Pinty for short!). No assistance was necessary but we were ready, just in case.


Kittens resting

Kitten napping

Mamma is in the background… her babies loved the dolls’ hats

She delivered with such care the five active kittens, taking care of licking it all up nice and clean. You could tell she had done this before. Her litter was so adorable! The best thing I’ve seen after experiencing the delivery of my own child over a decade ago.

These kittens are so adorable!

These kittens are so adorable!

It was great seeing my daughter be so willing to be part of such an experience. An unforgettable and marvelous experience we won’t soon forget.

twin kittens

These twins stole her heart

Pinty, always the posing kitten

Pinty, in the foreground ~ always the smiling kitten

About Kay @KittyCat_Smile

Hi! I live in sunny south Florida. Best of all I'm a proud mom to a tall and talented girl and two very cool kitty-cats. I'm a cat-lover (oh my cats!), a self-proclaimed, awesome, shoe-hoarder (luv them heels). I enjoy being a freelance editor, an occasional photographer of roses and the ocean (what else is there?), and my profession is Paralegal - yes, my life is full. I love that you're reading this ;-)

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